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Since 1997, Lancashire Constabulary’s Air Support Unit has been directly involved in the arrest of 2954 persons, helped with 109 casualty evacuations, found 214 missing persons, recovered 321 vehicles and racked up over 7770 flying hours.

The Unit is of great benefit to Lancashire, helping in a huge range of incidents, such as searching for missing people, offenders or property, taking photographs of crime scenes and road collisions, assisting in pursuits, public disorder and firearms incidents.  

During the first three months of this year, the helicopter, which hovers at around 1,000 feet above the ground, assisted in 719 incidents, which included helping arrest almost 150 suspects, searching for over 50 missing people and was involved in the recovery of 30,000 of drugs. Although accounting for less than one per cent of flying time, the unit has also performed more than 100 casualty evacuations. Such call outs are both operationally and emotionally demanding adding a human dimension to routine search tasks.

Lancashire Constabulary - Jordan Walton 2007