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Lancashire Constabulary
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Lancashire Constabulary - Police and Communities Together

Lancashire Constabulary is the Home Office police force responsible for policing the ceremonial county of Lancashire in the North West England.

The force's headquarters are at Hutton, near the city of Preston. The force has over 3,000 officers as well as 500 Police Community Support Officers. The routine patrol officer is not armed but does carry a baton, a CS spray, and handcuffs. All officers and civilian members of staff are required to wear a stab proof vest when on duty and "not in an office environment"; most choose to wear their vest at all times.

Although officers are not routinely armed, Lancashire has several Armed Response Teams carrying G36 assault rifles, Glock pistols and Taser guns. The force also has a Eurocopter helicopter based at BAE Warton Aerodrome, near Preston.

The force is split into eight divisions, six geographical and two tactical. However, the split is approximate, and divisions are deliberately vague, giving a seamless approach to policing in the Lancashire area. The geographical divisions and their headquarters are as follows:

  • Northern - Lancaster (B Division)
  • Western - Blackpool (A Division)
  • Central - Preston (D Division)
  • Southern - Leyland (C Division)
  • Eastern - Blackburn (E Division)
  • Pennine - Burnley (F Division)

The remaining two tactical divisions, labelled only "G (Operations)" and "T (Motorway)", are based at the force headquarters in Preston.

Lancashire Constabulary - Jordan Walton 2007